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Plenary Opportunities for all Engle Fellows

We have adapted our usual Engle Convocation and Engle Worship experiences into two unique offerings for the online space in 2021.

The Gospel of John

Dr. George Parsenios, Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary

Join Dr. Parsenios and all Engle Fellows in an exploration of the Gospel of John in an online course designed for preachers. The course will be offered on the Seminary’s online learning platform and will include learning modules with video, readings, and questions to discuss with other Engle Fellows. The course is designed to be engaged at your own pace throughout the month of June. The course will begin and conclude with live sessions with Dr. Parsenios.

A Conversation with the Engle Preacher

The Rev. Dr. Leslie Calahan, Pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA

All Engle Fellows are invited to join a conversation with Engle 2021’s featured preacher, Rev. Dr. Leslie Callahan, pastor of St Paul’s Baptist Church, Philadelphia. Rev. Dr. Callahan will be discussing with us how the converging “viruses” of 2020-21 (the COVID-19 virus with its high mortality rate for Black Americans, coupled with intensified incidents of lethal force used against unarmed persons of color) shaped her preaching from February 2020 to the present. Dr. Sally A. Brown, director of the Engle Institute of Preaching, will explore with Rev. Dr. Callahan how these crises demanded preaching both intensely pastoral and courageously prophetic, as she addressed her predominantly African American congregation. We’ll be referencing sermons Rev. Dr. Callahan preached on specific dates when the effects of these “viral” threats bore down with particular weight on the community — and on Rev. Dr. Callahan personally, as its lead pastor. These sermons will be available for Engle Fellows to view in the learning platform prior to the conversation.

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