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engle institute


four-day morning workshops

Choose one four-day morning workshop in the week of June 14-17 OR June 21-24.

June 14-17
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Preaching Place: The Challenge and Promise of a Global Gospel

Leader:  Jerusha Matsen Neal
Description: This workshop will focus on how the global church is transforming preaching through its attention to “place.” Global case studies will highlight the impact of land, cultural identity, and displacement on proclamation, reflecting on how particularity and globalization are shaping the gospel’s proclamation. The class will provide strategies to de-center privileged preaching practices in local contexts and discern the gospel across borders of difference. In response, students will deliver sermons that attend to the places they serve as sites of God’s sacramental grace.

Preaching as a Subversive Act

Leader: Adam Hearlson
Description: The history of Christian practice is filled with examples of faithful people engaging in imaginative acts of resistance shaped by the gospel. This workshop will draw inspiration from the Christian history of subversion and discuss how examples of holy subversion in the past might inform our preaching in the present. We will commune with our subversive ancestors, hear their stories, and seek guidance on how we might address the needs of today. Students will create and deliver a subversive parable that addresses their local congregational context.

The Synergy of Proclamation and Song in Worship

Leader: Catherine Williams
Description: This workshop explores the synergistic relationship between preaching and music in the context of corporate Christian worship. Participants will explore the hymnal as a sermonic resource, and examine the texts of a variety of congregational songs to identify their proclamatory function. We will examine sermons where music is used explicitly or implicitly to achieve the outcome of the sermon. The workshop includes discussion of best practices for effective collaboration between pastors and music leaders.

Narrative Preaching: A Postcolonial View from the Caribbean

Leader: Pablo Jimenez
Description: This workshop will introduce participants to narrative preaching from the perspective of the Caribbean. Together, we will explore the intersection of biblical, personal, and social narratives. Particular consideration will be given to the postcolonial condition of our world.

June 21–24
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Empowering the Voice of the Female Preacher

Leader: Nancy Lammers Gross
Description: This workshop deals with the woman’s physical speaking voice. The voice is a full-body instrument, but many women preachers struggle to speak because we are disconnected from our own bodies, and because we have trouble claiming our voices in the pulpit. Through interactive practicum, discussion, and mutual support, this workshop will enable women to increase the effectiveness of their public speaking voices. In advance of coming to Engle, fellows who wish to enroll in this workshop should please read Women’s Voices and the Practice of Preaching by Nancy Lammers Gross, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2017.

In Times Like These: Embodied Hope and the Power of Proclamation

Leader:  Veronice Miles
Description: How do we preach hope when confronted with social, political, and ecclesial challenges that negate the possibility of God’s redemptive presence? How do we resist distraction and embrace the hope-filled work to which the gospel invites us? This workshop explores the challenges and possibilities of preaching hope in the face of despairing realities that leave us feeling hopeless, anxious, and drained of imaginative potential. Against notions that limit hope to a feeling or attitude manipulatable by life’s circumstances, we will illumine an embodied theology of hope, highlighting hope’s anticipatory and praxiological potential. We will also ask, “what prevents us from living with hope?” In response, we will expose common misconceptions about hope, examine the dangers negating cultural realities pose for our ability to engage in hope-filled practice, and highlight preaching as a conduit for eliminating distortion, revealing possibilities, and emboldening individuals and communities to live with hope.

Words that Heal: Preaching Hope in the Wake of Trauma

Leader: Joni Sancken
Description: This workshop provides a brief background on trauma, including definitions and how trauma can affect people, and explores how preaching can participate in healing and resilience for those struggling in the aftermath of trauma and other wounding events in our world. The sessions will include introducing trauma-sensitive exegetical tools for preaching, theological frameworks, and concrete suggestions for worship and preaching.

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