What is the Engle Institute?

The Engle Institute is a weeklong continuing education event designed to nurture and strengthen the craft of those who preach in city or suburb, small town, rural community, or other specialized ministries.

Engle Fellows and faculty participate together in the hospitality of the seminar room, the dinner table, and the chapel pew. Through hands-on workshops, seminars, tutorials, and conversations, Engle fellows are supported and challenged to seek excellence in their preaching vocations.

The Institute is made possible by the dream and generosity of Joe R. Engle, who was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in New York City.

How can you become an Engle Fellow?

Apply to be a 2022 Engle Fellow if you want to practice the craft of preaching in the company of colleagues. Applicants who have been preaching regularly for two to 10 years and have never attended the Engle Institute will be considered.

What is the Cost and How do you Apply?

Registration Fee = $150
Because of the generosity of Joe R. Engle, the fee for the Engle Institute is $150, inclusive of the week’s programming, lodging, and meals.

Travel reimbursement of up to $300 is also provided for travel to Princeton Seminary for those serving congregations in need of assistance with this expense.

Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2022 or until the Institute is full. Space is limited so apply early. Applicants will receive word of admission within 12 business days of submission.

The Engle Institute is for you if…
You have been preaching for two to 10 years.
You are able to attend the entire week of the Engle Institute.
You have regular (weekly) preaching responsibilities.
You wish to nurture or strengthen your preaching vocation.

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