The Engle Community: Convocation and Worship

Engle Fellows and faculty come from across the U.S. and Canada and represent a variety of Christian traditions. Vocational friendships are formed over the course of the week in workshops and through worship. Daily morning convocation is a time to explore insights from scholars with peers in pastoral ministry and evening worship provides an opportunity to rest and worship without having to be the preacher of the day. Daily meals and the annual Engle wine and cheese reception provide informal opportunities for fellowship. All of these experiences provide for a rich communal life while on campus.

Evening worship will be led by Martin Tel and the Engle Pastor in Residence, Rev. Dr. Janette H. OkOk’s sermons will focus on First Peter.

First Peter is a theologically rich and pastorally sensitive text for teaching and preaching. One of the central problems the letter addresses is how believers should engage the dominant culture while disengaging from prevailing practices and attitudes that are at odds with their new commitments to Christ’s lordship as God’s people. These four sermons seek to untangle First Peter’s concepts of election, and nationhood, and exilic identity from more recent notions of Christian nationalism and American exceptionalism. Ok will offer a vision for what it looks like when Christians voluntarily embrace an exilic orientation toward the world while being the household of God.

The 2022 Convocation speakers are Dr. Stacey Floyd-Thomas and Dr. Juan Floyd-Thomas.  The title of the morning series is, Telling the Gospel Truth: Popular Culture, Political Theology, and Public Witness. 

This lecture series will entail a historical survey and contemporary case study of the moral connections between notions of the “sacred and secular” as demonstrated via the intersection of popular culture, political theology and public witness. In seeking to explore the complex interplay of how and why American sacred concerns have manifested themselves more centrally in arenas such as literature, film, music, comedy, politics, sports and other arenas, Drs. Floyd-Thomas will examine the commonplace nature of faith in the public square. Drawing upon interdisciplinary research and critical analysis, we will seek to identify that which is distinctive about the wide array of American religious thought alongside the interdisciplinary, intercultural, and intergenerational practices that have constructed and defined American identity and culture in both historic and contemporary terms. 

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